Simple Database Management in C

Simple Database Management in C


  • Discuss the significance of databases in data organization.

  • Introduce the code's purpose in managing basic databases.

Code Overview

  • Define structures for columns and tables.

  • Implement functions for creating tables, inserting data, and selecting data.


  • Create Table

    • Creates a new table with specified columns.
void createTable() {
    // Code for createTable function

Insert Data

  • Inserts data into a specified table.
void insertData() {
    // Code for insertData function

Select Data

  • Displays data from a specified table.
void selectData() {
    // Code for selectData function

Main Function

  • Presents a menu for database operations.

  • Handles user input and calls appropriate functions.

int main() {
    // Code for main function

In Short:

  • Implements basic database management functionalities in C.

  • Users can create tables, insert data, and view data easily.

  • Code is structured for simplicity and efficiency in managing databases.

  • Summarizes the code's purpose and functionalities.

  • Encourages further exploration and customization of the code for specific database needs.

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